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If Fanfics Were Books 1/∞
The Internet is for…by firstlightofeosOf all the things Erik expected to find on tumblr, his newest porn obsession was not one of them.

If Fanfics Were Books 1/

The Internet is for…by firstlightofeos
Of all the things Erik expected to find on tumblr, his newest porn obsession was not one of them.

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Side Effects 


Sequel to Butterfly Kisses because everyone wanted one and I had an idea.


Rumpelstiltskin had fallen asleep at his wheel, something he only ever did after particularly arduous deals, when he would spend the next few days spinning to forget. He hadn’t left recently, but he had just been cursed, so Belle decided not to be worried about it. She went back to dusting, taking care with all the artifacts in his curio cabinet.

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I loved this sentence “glad that he was smaller in stature than in personality.” It makes me giggle it’s so damn accurate xD Beeee, darling, you know the fandom is dying for a follow up. AGAIN. Well, I am. it was so cute and PERFEEEEECT ! 
But, Rum was half asleep right ? He was probably asking himself since his sleeping curse broke if it was True Love’s Kiss and he just said it when falling asleep? Or did he pretend to tell Belle of his assumption ? 

An Ordinary Man (A Father Macavoy + Belle Fic) 


Summary: The ‘comfort’ Regina promised Rumplestiltskin comes from a flask. In cursed Storybrooke, he is Father Macavoy, the town drunk. Waitress!Belle offers a cure for what ails him. Complete. Ao3 link.

Rating: NC-17

AN: My first Macelle. I adore this pairing. A bit of a sweater kink and masturbation. Hurt/Comfort.

Word Count: 4535

She fills his empty coffee mug when Granny is out of eyesight. She knows he cannot pay. And while she pours, Belle lays a hand on his shoulder and gives it a tight, reassuring squeeze.

Have strength, that squeeze seems to say. Have courage.

What Father Joseph desperately needs is the courage to face the day sober. What he needs is the courage to give a mass without a flask of scotch hidden under his vestment. What he is lacking is the fortitude to sleep in his own bed, night terrors be damned. Instead, he whiles away his darkest hours at The Rabbit Hole, then staggers over to Granny’s Diner for absolution.

Yes, Joseph has always been a drunk and a coward.

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I want to make sweet lovely babies to that fic

thestraggletag asked:
Wet nurse!Belle gets uncomfortable because Regina, for whatever reasons, doesn't want to nurse as much and she has excess milk.


AN:  I can’t believe I actually wrote this.  I USED TO BE PURE, STRAGGLE.

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Vanessa’s Birthday Present (Despicably Late, I’m so sorry!) 


Prompts used in this include:

Belle witnesses one of Golds clients treating him poorly, or vice versa. - Rayvah

Hi! I love the escort!Gold story, I dont know if you mind but I had an idea that maybe you could use or not :P What if Gold quits the whole escort gig but he takes on Belle as a “client” a couple more times until she finds out. - Anonymous

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2, 917

Date With Jason Outfit

Rush to Gold’s Outfit

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Tell me there will be a following with Belle confronting him, tell me ! 


"Into the Asylum" 


Description: Agent Arabelle Starling is tasked with speaking to the notorious Dr. Hannibal Lecter (also nicknamed ‘Dr. Gold’).  (This is a play on ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.)

For ‘delilahbe’, my tumblr grandma :3 She was talking about cannibalism, so I wrote this specifically for her <3

Rated PG-13 for mention of cannibalism and use of vulgar language.


Belle tried her best not to jump at the sound of the security doors slamming shut behind her or the click of their locks moving into place.  Her heart pounded frantically against her ribcage, causing her body to heat in the unpleasant, cool air of the dank cell block, and she felt light-headed like she was about to faint.    

Ahead of her was a long corridor, and on her left were large cells, some padded with narrow observation slits, others barred like normal jail cells.  Security cameras lined the stone walls to her right, angled so they filmed the inmates’ movements.

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Title: Insecurity

Summary: Belle has doubts and fears just like Rumplestiltskin. And just like Rumplestiltskin, sometimes they get the better of her.

 Rumplestiltskin hadn’t touched her in a month.

 At night, despite sharing the same bed, an ocean of sheets spread out between them, clearly marking ‘his’ and ‘hers’ where before there had only been ‘theirs’. If Belle moved, whether in sleep or otherwise (to comfort him from the nightmares that plagued him, that woke him and made him jolt or scream or claw the headboard in terror), Rumplestiltskin would carefully shift her back, gentle elbow nudges and fingertips carefully on clothes and not her. Or he would move, curling on his side so close to the edge of the mattress that she would roll away to prevent him from falling onto the floor.

 She’d tried to kiss him several times before he left in the mornings, planting herself in his path, hiding his keys or cane, leaning against the door to prevent him from sneaking past her. Her efforts had been rewarded (a few times, but it was better than nothing), but the kisses had been quick, a brush of lips, nothing but mouths touching.

 He didn’t run his hands up her sides, or bury his fingers in her hair. He didn’t take her hand or her arm when they walked. Her foot brushing his under the table lead to him shifting, mumbling apologies before he smoothly lead the conversation back to whatever they’d been talking about.

 They still talked. All the time, constant chatter, conversations that lasted until dawn, phone calls when he was away, but it was all they ever did (he always told her he loved her, and it was never a lie, and he said it and it should have been enough for her).

 Belle had to hunt him down to steal a kiss (and it did feel like a theft, taking what he obviously did not want to give, forcing him into a situation where he wasn’t comfortable and only gave in so he could leave).

 It hurt, realizing that her true love didn’t want her anymore.

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ok, now i’m crying. What have you done to my feelings?


But seriously, that was amazing.

Piece of My Heart 



Anon prompted: What would Bright Pieces!Izzy do if she thought Gold was cheating?

"I’m afraid I’ll be working late again tonight, love. Go ahead and have dinner without me. I’ll get something at Granny’s."

Izzy frowned as she listened to the message her husband had left for her. This was the third night this week he’d had to stay late at the shop, and the previous two nights he’d come home completely exhausted, too tired even to make love to her, something that never happened.

When she’d asked, he’d simply grunted and muttered something about paperwork and idiots, and she hadn’t pressed him, but this couldn’t continue. He was working himself to the bone, and as his wife it was her duty to make sure he took care of himself. Instead of heading home after her day at the library, she went to Granny’s herself to pick up dinner for two. She’d take it to him at the shop, and after they had a picnic, she’d see what she could do to help him.

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My gold, that was hot. i’m going to take a cold shower, seriously BadFaery it was wonderful.

Fic: Finding the Way (Graham/Graham) 


Pairing: Graham squared aka Graham Humbert (OUaT) and Graham (Priest)

Author’s note: Graham in the movie Priest is played by Robert Carlyle.  I don’t know how this pairing happened, exactly, but I ship it hard.  

Of course, two characters named Graham can get confusing.  I hope this makes sense.  Tori beta’d for name confusion.

Summary:  “I’m not a very complicated man, sheriff.  In fact, let me put all of my cards on the table.”  Graham was prepared for argument.  Hell, even a gun wouldn’t have surprised him much.  The kiss did.


“You want to know a secret, Sheriff?”  They rounded the corner, Granny’s B&B coming into sight.  The porch light was on, as it always was, but it was late enough that all the other lights were off.

“I think you can find your way now.”  Graham felt strangely conspicuous standing under the streetlight, even though he wasn’t doing anything more than showing the stranger to his temporary home away from home after a drink or two too many at the White Rabbit.

“That’s the secret.  I could’ve found my way here at any time.  I just wanted you to come with me.”  It was rare enough for there to be strangers in town, but what was even stranger was that the man’s name was Graham.  That, and he looked a bit like Gold but Graham tried not to think about that.  

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I need to read more of this verse ;___;

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Fic: Price of Forgiveness 


Okay, never written fanfiction before. Literately never. But my rumplebelle feels won’t go away and I haven’t written anything original in forever so…here we go?

Title: Price of Forgiveness

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, angst, hurt/comfort

Summery: AU. No fairy tale land. Mr. Gold is a disgraced soldier who seeks therapy from a pretty Dr. Belle French in hopes of reconciliation with his son.

Notes: Inspried by rufeepeach’s ficlet in “In Any Other World”, because of this I use her first name for Mr. Gold. This is probably going to be continuing? Like I said, first time doing fanfic.

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That’s really good and I’d love to read more of your Psychiatrist!Belle since I’m writing a Child Psychiatrist!Belle myself ! Not the same dynamic but still very interesting ! Keep going! (and if you need an invitation on AO3, I have an account!)