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If Muse and I can’t go to the JIBCon 2013 because of our studies, I gonna cry.

 Jibcon 2012 - Misha, Jared & Jensen.


Cas Misha, we talked about this - personal space?!”



Misha Invades Jensen’s Personal Space

Jensen (JIBCON ‘10): What do you mean “close talking”, like physical close talking? That’s just Misha.

Jensen (JIBCON ‘11): Because I feel like there’s this angel standing over me, so I know I’m okay.

Jensen (JIBCON ‘12): The fact that we continue to have a professional relationship when being so close to one another, I think is a testament to the friendship that we have off-screen.


also did i mention that sebastian roche and i talked to each other in french this weekend and he will say hi to nina dobrev from me and he was so damn interested in the conversation we were having

and i smelled of sebastian roche’s perfume

and he’s an amazing hugger

because he is

because i can’t believe that actually happened

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JIB Con Panel Audio Megapost 


all audio from my phone so sorry if it’s quiet. or if its shaky, cause so was i. also, most of these are the full panels so yay.


Saturday, April 28

Jensen/Jared panel [x]

Jared panel [x]

Misha panel [x]

Jensen panel [x]


Sunday, April 29

Jared/Misha panel [x]

Brock/Jim panel [x]

Sebastian/Richard/Mark [x]

Jensen/Misha [x]

Fan: What do you like and what do you don’t like about your characters?


Laughing over Misha’s resume. [x]